What matters is the story

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What matters is the story…

“Honour your own stories, and tell them, too” says Madeleine L’Engel. “Don’t worry if they seem unimportant – they are what binds families together”. And communities, too.

Discovering the stories of the Rechner Family, the cottage and Light Pass has been an absolute joy. It was not something we thought about when we took on the task of conserving the cottage, but it’s something we’ve all loved.

The stories bring life to the past,  and add flesh and details to the bare bones of the factual records. Instead of just being facts, the past becomes peopled with those whose lives intertwine with our own. We can imagine their enthusiasms, their struggles, their joys and challenges. We can laugh at their funny stories, sympathize with their foibles, and admire their fine traits. We see how their past has influenced them, and how they in turn have influenced us. The way we tell the stories matters too – what do we choose to focus on, what do we highlight, and what do we leave out? It’s a wonderful world of connection and interaction.

The buildings also tell a story. Their location, style, method of construction, the materials used, the changes they undergo – even their state of upkeep (or disrepair) – all of these things make fascinating living ‘reading’. Through the building we learn about the people who built them, too – what skills and knowledge they had, how they adapted to a new land, and what was important to them.

If you have memories or stories of Light Pass, please get in touch – we’d love to hear them. And never forget how important your own stories are – the ones from your past, and also the ones you are living and writing now.