Supporter’s Page

                     Photo: Laura Fuhrman on Unsplash

Without you, our amazing supporters, we could not do what we do. It is thanks to your interest, enthusiasm and generous donations (big or small) that the work of conserving the cottage has been made possible. Thank you!


Footings deterioration 3

A foot of footings – supporters help Rechner Cottage keep it’s feet on the ground.

$100 does not go far these days. But these supporters are spending it on something that will last for many, many years. Something that is both part of our historical heritage, and part of the future, too. And many are choosing to do this in the names of others, as a unique gift, or as a memorial.
Repairing and/or stabilising the footings at Rechner pug cottage is the next stage in its conservation. Your donation of $100 will help fund the work required for a foot length of footings.  Your chosen name will be listed here, and you can see where your foot of footings is on the plan.  Names will also be recorded on site when the cottage is finished.
Contact us via the website, or email us at rechnercottage@gmail if you would like to be part of this special campaign.
footings deterioration

Register of names 

  1. Augustus Cowan Rechner
  2. Thomas (Tom) Theodore Reuther
  3. Una Joan Reuther (nee Habermann) 1934-2023
  4. Robyn Kassandra Reuther
  5. Jarrod (Harmony) Grant Windham
  6. Margaret Gooden (née Fisher) 1920 – 2012.
  7. Margarethe Anna Sabel (nee Stolz) 1935 – 2023
  8. The Reuther family, Toowoomba, Qld
  9. Donald Beall
  10. Catherine Baldwin
  11. Donald Connor
  12. Judy Gale Rechner
  13. Peter Rechner and family
  14. Elizabeth Blight and Edna Beall
  15. Janet and Frank Salamon
  16. Steven, Leah, Mitchell and Taylor Salamon
  17. Julie, Andrew, Estelle and Coralie Telfer
  18. Matthew, Mallory and Joshua Goldman
  19. Polly Jones
  20. Eleanor Rose Rechner
  21. Genevieve Rechner
  22. Michael and Daniel Scotton (Genevieve Rechner’s sons)
  23. Mark, Louise, Nadia and Imogen Salamon and Jaydan Eustice
  24. Your name here

…… until we reach all the way around


cottage map showing feet marked

Map of Footings

John Ruskin quote

Supporter of the month

Tony De Corrado

Tony is a 4x great-grandson of GJ Rechner. He says now that he has his own children, he has become more interested in family history, and the connections that go down through generations.  Living in Brisbane, he has not yet had the chance to see the cottage, but he hopes to be able to take his family down there one day and give them the chance to connect with their heritage.  Thank you, Tony!


Would you like to be a supporter of the month? We’d love to celebrate you. Send us a photo, and let us know your connection to the cottage, and why you are happy to help conserve it.

Where’s your money going?

Here’s a few pictures of where your money is being spent. 

Taking measurements

Drawing up plans

Gaining Council and State Heritage Approvals

Working out what needs to be done


Clearing around the site and adding drainage

Putting in Supports

Removing the old roof

Installing the new

Discussing the footings

We would like to say a special thank you to Tony and Kate Rechner, for their generous support of the cottage.