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Welcome to Rechner Cottage

Rechner Cottage, in Light Pass, South Australia is a State Heritage Listed Cottage of architectural and social significance. Browse the website, and discover more about the cottage and the village it stands in. Explore the stories of the past, and follow along with the progress of the conservation.

Cottage Door

The Cottage

It is a heritage-listed place of architectural and social significance. What is so special about the cottage that makes it worth saving?


About Rechner Cottage

GJ Rechner

Who was GJ Rechner, the man the cottage is named for? Learn more about him, his life, his work and his legacy.


Footings deterioration

Join the Footings Campaign

Supporters are helping Rechner Cottage keep it’s feet on the ground!  And dedicating a ‘foot of footings’ in their name or in someone’s memory. Be part of this special campaign!


The conservation

The cottage needs help! Much of it has fallen into disrepair, and we are working to save this piece of history before it’s too late. After lots of hard work, the future is looking much brighter for this lovely cottage but there’s still lots to be done. Click on the buttons below to see where we are up to, and here to find out how you can help.


Meet the team…

Where are we up to?

The groundwork is done, the new roof is on, and we are now on step 3, the footings. This old lady needs to keep her feet firmly on the ground! Click on the buttons to see what is being done at each stage.

Light Pass Village

Rechner Cottage is situated in the small village of Light Pass, in South Australia’s beautiful Barossa Valley. Light Pass has a rich history and is home to many historic buildings.

There is plenty to discover in this lovely village. Explore it in person or virtually by using the free Barossa Heritage Trails App. Barossa Heritage Trails App

White Church

About Light Pass

Significant Buildings

Significant Buildings

Polst Family


Help and support the conservation of the cottage

Shop Our Fund Raising Items

Shop Our Fund Raising Items

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Grants Organisations

Grants Organisations

100% of the money raised goes towards the conservation of the cottage.

Are you interested in heritage buildings, the conservation process, or the stories of people who lived long ago? Browse through these pages and discover treasures of the past.

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