Who do you think you are? Part 2 in the series

GJ Rechner and Bertha

This series is looking at some of the traits passed down in the Rechner family. Which ones can you see in yourself, or your family?

Today’s character trait is the ability to throw oneself into a task with boundless enthusiasm, energy and drive. This was GJ Rechner – Is it you? It’s most certainly NOT me! I missed out on that one completely. But I see other family members who most definitely have it. Whilst some may call it overwork, or an inability to find the stop button, you’re the one who can see what needs to be done and is full of ideas as to how to go about it. You are probably a great organizer and motivator, and have the energy and drive to implement your ideas. You love taking on new challenges and being stimulated by a wide range of ideas.

This character trait of GJ’s allowed him to accomplish a great deal in his lifetime, especially in his callings as a teacher and then as a pastor and leader of the church. As an example, here’s what he did as teacher at Light Pass school. Not only did he teach seven or eight hours a day, and then went home to prepare and correct work, he also had to develop most of his own resources, as there were no text books, maps, writing books or charts. In addition, he ran English classes for the community three nights a week, as well as going to English classes himself. On the remaining 3 nights of the week there were church services, for which he supplied the music.

He also acted as agent for the German newspaper, treasurer for school, church and mission, and as scribe for his community for remittances home and any kind of official, legal or commercial dealings. In his weekly letter home he did complain of overwork (fair enough, too!) but he also said “With my entire soul I live and breathe in my work”. Has this passion, enthusiasm and drive been passed on to you??