The roof is on!

The cottage has a new roof
7th February 2023

Finally we can bring you the good news that the new roof is on!

And its VERY shiny. Not the lovely heritage look we’re used to, but it will age over time. (In the meantime, it can possibly be used as a marker for planes).

The battered and rusted look of the old roof was part of the cottage’s charm, so it was kind of sad to see it go. But we have to remind ourselves that a) it was once a shiny new roof, too, and only the latest of several in the cottage’s long life. And b) the new roof will age in time as well and should protect the interior of the cottage and its structure for the next 100 years

Seriously, though, it’s a wonderful step along the way in the preservation of the cottage, stopping further deterioration of the structure and the pug from the weather. We’re so happy to have it completed, and the roofers did an awesome job, so thanks guysđź‘Ź Next job, the footings….

The old cottage has a new roof

The old pug cottage has a new, shiny roof.

And here’s a few pictures of the process….

A new roof is put on

A job with a view!

Roof installation begins

Lots of sky – not much roof!

The old cottage without its roof

The cottage is ready and waiting for its new roof…