Rechner Family maps of interest cover

Rechner Family Maps of Interest

Tom Reuther, (GJ Rechner’s great-grandson), has compiled this booklet of places of interest to the Rechner family. It covers Adelaide and the surrounds, from the Barossa to the Yorke Peninsula and Point Pass. In it you will find houses, churches and other buildings of significance to the Rechners, as well as detailed cemetery maps showing where family members are buried. There is a useful one of Light Pass cemetery, too, where there are many Rechner graves, including GJ and Bertha Rechner’s.


Screenshot wine barrel publication

The Rechner Wine Barrel

In the early 1970’s a series of 12 wine barrels were commissioned to tell the story of early German settlement in the Barossa. Each barrel tells part of the story. Made in Germany, the beautifully carved oak barrels are still used for maturing wines.  This publication features photographs of 11 of the barrels, now held at the Wolf Blass Visitor Centre. The whereabouts of the 12th barrel is unknown.


Screenshot Prospectus

Rechner Cottage Prospectus

In 2021 a prospectus was produced.  It gives a clear, concise explanation of who we are, why we are working to conserve the cottage, and how this will be done. It’s useful information for family members, potential donors, and all those interested in the preservation of history.