A Foot of Footings

verandah posts and footings

30th September 2023:

Rechner Cottage needs your help!  Join our new campaign – “A FOOT of FOOTINGS”.

You can’t get much for $100 dollars these days. But here’s how you can use it to give a lasting legacy for someone you love, AND make a difference for generations to come.

Many of the footings of the cottage are rotting away. The posts and sticks that go down to the ground have deteriorated and they need to be conserved. It’s a big job, and an expensive one.

For $100 dollars, you can donate to the conservation of a foot of the wall around the cottage, in your own name, or someone of your choosing.. You’ll be able to see on a map of the cottage where your ‘foot of footings’ is, and your name will be acknowledged on our website, and later, once the cottage is finished, on site (unless you’d prefer it not to be). More importantly, you’ll play an important part in the ongoing history of the cottage.

Do one in your own name, or why not bring the whole family along, and sponsor a foot in the names of each of your children and grandchildren? Let us know who you’d like to be acknowledged via email at rechnercottage@gmail.com.

Be a part of something lasting. Donate via card using this secure link or through our bank.

Name: Rechner Cottage Conservation Association

A/C No: 100964214

BSB: 704942

Get your foot in the door and help keep Rechner Cottage’s feet on the ground!